International groups

During the last few years, Switzerland has welcomed numerous foreign companies which selected Switzerland to implement their European Headquarter. Out of them some of the most famous are Yahoo !, Sunstar, Nissan, Medtronic, Honeywell and Monsanto. Beside those « blockbusters » numbers of groups from the US, UK, but also Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Russia and others have chosen Switzerland to set up one or more companies which operate either as their operational center (« principal » company) or as a Headquarter, or even both, or as a mixed company in the frame of an international tax planning.

Switzerland is also often used as a European center to set up a holding company or a trading company. The extensive number of double tax treaties concluded by Switzerland ensures an efficient and favorable distribution chain compared to other jurisdictions and still with an attractive taxation system.

Our extended experience in that field allows us, in the form of a « one stop shop », to assist international groups in the choice of the region of implementation, to liaise with the local authorities, to assist with the design of the international tax planning, to obtain the special tax status, to set up the companies, to register it, to sign the contracts, in particular the intercompany contracts and also assist with the application for a tax holiday request.

We will be able to help you from the start and along all your activities so that you can take the best operational decisions knowing exactly what your tax situation is and being comfortable that it is under control.