One stop shop

If we are specialized in taxes and in particular in specific fields of taxes, we are also general advisors. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t pretend to be experts in all fields and to be able to bring added value to all the fields that have a tax issue.

Depending on your needs, it may be that other specialists have to be involved. Should they be attorneys at law, accountants, auditors, real estate experts or others, our approach is to make sure we revert only to the very best in such case as well so that we can make your life simpler and make sure we deliver the best quality service as possible.

You do not have to look for them by yourself! In the fields where we do not have sufficient expertise, and thanks to our large group of contacts, we are able, in the form of a « one stop shop », to request the services of the best specialists for you. Your point of contact will still be your personal advisor who will be directly in contact with the experts of our network.

You do not have to worry, at our company, whatever your issues are, you can be ensured that you will be assisted by only the very best specialists.