What it is

Tax consulting means to advise someone, an individual or a corporate entity, on a given tax issue. Ideally, the advice will end up to a tax saving or at least to avoid paying more taxes than necessary.

To optimize someones tax charge is not only filing his tax return, it starts much earlier, with a global approach and depending on each specific individual situation. A fine analysis of the past, of the current situation and of the projects to come is requested. Once this economic and legal analysis has been performed, the tax planning can then begin. It will consist in aligning the current situation to the tax needs to lower the tax charge on the short, medium and long term, while observing the economic drivers which designed the current structure of the wealth or of the company.

A real tax planning requests a wide knowledge, should it be in taxes, but also in law, accounting and economics. In the choice of the adviser, the experience, the understanding but also the knowledge will play a significant role.