Tax returns

Each tax payer has the duty to file in a tax return for each tax period. The tax return has to be complete and accurate. Therefore, if the tax return can not be presented as a tax planning tool in itself, it is nevertheless the base on which the tax authority will rely on to assess the tax payer. Therefore, the way it is fulfilled and how the important information is mentioned in it are crucial. The tax return is a way to complete the tax planning that has been performed previously, it is the mirror of the tax planning and should not lead to destroy all the strategy that has been put into place.

It is therefore crucial that your advisor is also in charge of filing the tax return or at least of the verification of it. It is only this way that a perfect symbiosis between the decided planning and the information disclosed to the tax authority can be ensured.

In our services, we propose this service essentially to our clients for which we are in charge of their tax affairs. We favor a representation by proxy at our offices, which allows us to be the first partner towards the tax authorities and also to avoid any issues in managing deadlines.